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We are dedicated to ensuring a faith-based education of excellence remains accessible to all families desiring it for their children, regardless of income. Through
the generosity, support, and confidence of many donors, parishioners, sponsors and other benefactors, Saint Ann School has been able to provide many scholarships and assistance each year. In addition, our goal is to keep tuition rates as low as possible, while continuing to offer quality Catholic education and insuring the fiscal soundness and growth of our school. Though the actual cost of education per child is over
$12,500 per year, our tuition rates are much less due to parish and diocesan support, fundraising, advancement and other efforts. In addition, our tuition is lower overall
than other comparable faith based or private school in the area.

Tuition and Enrollment Fees

Tuition covers most of the cost of educating your child. An Enrollment Fee
of $1,000 includes the textbook rental fee, supply fee, technology fee, standardized testing fee, diocesan student insurance fee, handbook fee,
lab fees and registration fees. (Through the Saint Ann School Foundation
the enrollment fee is subsidized $500 for each student if registered by 2/1/23). A graduation fee of $100 for students in 8th grade is additional.
Our enrollment fees are non-refundable.

PreK 3 - 4th

5th - 8th


PreK 4
Half Day VPK

PreK 4 1/2 Days
No Voucher


PreK 3
5 Half Days

3 Full Days M,W,F

Financial Assistance

We work with each family to help make tuition payments manageable.
All families requesting assistance complete a tuition aid assessment to determine level of need. Tuition assistance awards are based on the
number of applications received and funds available. Awards are generally determined at the end of May, and families are notified by early summer.
Our tuition assistance analysis, as well as tuition payment plan, are provided through a company called FACTS, a nationally recognized tuition management company. 


There are two components to FACTS:

1. Tuition Grant and Aid Assessment. This component requires completion
of a financial statement each year indicating
level of need. Any scholarships provided come from school donor supported tuition scholarships or parish subsidy. FACTS is a management company and does not provide scholarships.


2. FACTS Tuition Management provides Automatic Tuition Withdrawals from
a Savings or Checking Account and credit cards allowing tuition payments to be extended monthly.




  1. The Saint Ann School Foundation offers need-based tuition scholarships to any student attending PreK - 8th grade.The Foundation also subsidizes each child's registration fee by $500.  

  2. Parish Scholarships are available to students of families registered at Catholic churches within the Diocese of Venice. Catholic families that are actively "practicing their faith" may be eligible for a scholarship of up to 50%, per child, to attend Saint Ann Catholic School!

  3. Florida Tax Credit Scholarships are available to families of children in K-8 that choose Saint Ann Catholic School. The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program is managed by Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFOs) such as Step Up For Students and the AAA Scholarship Foundation. Saint Ann School has extensive experience in applying for the Tax Credit Scholarship. Contact our Admissions Office today for a consultation.

  4. St. Vincent de Paul Society Scholarships are advertised in the church bulletin and require application directly to the Society.

  5. McKay Scholarship allows "parents to choose the best educational setting—public or private—for their child. The McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities provided over 30,000 Florida students with special needs the opportunity to attend a participating private school. The McKay Scholarship Program also offers parents public school choice." (Florida Department of Education) More information here: McKay Scholarship.
  6. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) is free and open to all 4-year-olds who have turned 4 by September 1 of the year they are enrolling in PK4. Registration and more information here: Early Learning Coalition.

  7. Merit Award Scholarship for students in grades 5-8. The criteria for the merit award includes excellence in academics, leadership, community service, extra-curricular activities, and written essays. There will be two winners from grades 5-7 to continue their studies at Saint Ann School, and two winners from grade 8 to continue their Catholic education at
    St. John Neumann High School.

  8. Additional scholarships may be available based on need or merit.

Payment Plans


• A variety of tuition payment arrangements can be made.

• One payment  - Tuition may be paid in full through FACTS or by check directly to the school.

• Installments – Families may pay tuition through an automatic installment plan of two, four, or ten payments through the FACTS Management Company. To apply for this arrangement, a FACTS form must be filled out and a nominal fee applies.



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