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Saint Ann School’s language arts curriculum is a balance between reading, writing, listening, thinking, speaking and problem-solving. Using a differentiated instructional approach allows our students to apply their analytical skills as well as their creative abilities while using materials
and strategies that meet their diverse literacy interests, knowledge,
and abilities.


Literature/ Reading

Our language arts curriculum is literature-based and provides opportunities for our students to read and discuss quality works of fiction and nonfiction. Students are encouraged to read independently at school and at home to instill a lifelong love of reading and learning.


Writing Workshop

The steps in the writing process are taught, modeled, and practiced daily. Students receive instruction on prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, and presentation strategies. Writing for different purposes and audiences is taught across all curriculum areas.


Listening/ Speaking

Students acquire active listening and oral presentation skills through planned and specific practice across curriculum areas, themes, issues, and perspectives. Individual, small group and whole class presentations are scheduled regularly for each child during the school year.



Studying various time periods and historical perspectives, through the use of novels, primary sources, essays, and research reports is integrated into our language arts curriculum. Over the years, students become adept at using various research methodologies for their reports.

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