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The Middle School Honors Program is designed to meet the needs of students who demonstrate aptitude for additional academic challenge. Honors classes are offered in Math, Science, English, and Literature. 
Our differentiated curriculum is designed to reveal and encourage a
variety of talents in a variety of learners. Our dedicated faculty work diligently to affirm and develop student strengths and motivate them
to achieve high standards.


Our differentiated approach to teaching allows students to discover the
joy of learning. Challenging students using a quality, problem-based curriculum enhances their academic success and ability to compete
at the next level of their education.

Saint Ann School is committed to providing the highest level of education for our students in a classroom environment that supports their natural curiosity and desire to look at the world in new and exciting ways. Creating tasks that require multiple solutions keep our students challenged and engaged in their learning. Our teachers demonstrate the value of creative thinking by modeling it and encouraging their students to do the same. While developing their gifts, students are encouraged to be proud of their achievements, yet ever mindful of the responsibility to use these gifts to make a difference in the world.

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