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How is Saint Ann School Accredited?

St. Ann Catholic School is accredited through the Florida Catholic Conference (FCC) and part of the Catholic School System of the Diocese
of Venice under the direction of Bishop Frank Dewane. St. Ann School
and all teachers are members of the National Catholic Education
Association (NCEA). For more information, see Accreditation.

Does the school participate in state testing?
Catholic elementary schools do not participate in the Florida State Assessments (FSA). However, all students in grades 2-8 take the TerraNova Standardized Test each Spring. This test serves several purposes and is used to assist principals, teachers, families and students.
•  To evaluate and improve school performance in the Diocese

•  To evaluate and improve individual schools

•  To track a student’s progress by skill and subject area over time

•  To identify strengths and areas for improvement

•  To facilitate participation in Federal and State scholarship programs

Standardized tests are only one of several tools we use to evaluate student abilities and performance levels. Our students are never measured on the basis of one assessment alone.

What credentials do the teachers possess?

Our school is staffed by well qualified administrators and faculty. All our teachers are required to meet the standards of the Florida Catholic Conference and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Teachers are certified and licensed through the state and participate in ongoing professional development programs and are re-certified every five years.


How does the school provide safety and security?

Providing a safe learning environment is inherent in our Catholic school mission and our number one priority. All school employees and volunteers are fingerprinted and attend Virtus Training. A Critical Incidence Response Plan is set up for possible emergencies along with several additional protection measures such as a camera system and security guards.

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